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Dahab city : Dahab you can called it by the city of dreams  because it  is most beautiful and   attractive touristic city in South  of Sinai. General information : In the past, Dahab was only a small fishing town until the Egyptian government gave it more importance in the late nineties and built a […]

Safaga port : Safaga city is considered one of the most important therapeutic tourist centres ,as a special medical researches have proved the potential  of attraction international tourism to Safaga ,It is a town in Egypt , on the coast of the Red sea , located 53 km (33 mi) south of Hurghada . This small port is also a […]

EL Gouna : It  is a tourist resort, developed and owned by Sawiris’s Family, Eng. Samih Sawiris ,dating from about 1990. It is located on the Red sea in the Red sea Governorate   of  Egypt , 22 km north of Hurghada  International airport . El Gouna specializes in watersports, including scuba diving,windsurfing ,kitesurfing , water skiing ,parasailing   and snorkeling . There […]

Hurghada is the second largest city in Egypt after Sues ,It is  located on the red sea coast General information : The city was founded in the early 20th century, and since the 1980s has been continually enlarged by Egyptian and foreign investors to become the leading seashore resort on the Red Sea. Holiday villages […]

If you want to go  far from the traffic and noise you have to visit Aswan as you can take your breath and relax there because of this city consider the most calm and romance city in Egypt , General information about the city : Aswan is the smallest of the three major tourist cities […]

General information about Luxor:  Travel to Luxor and you will know why it is one of Egypt’s great tourist attractions. It is also commonly known as the world’s largest open air museum . Luxor is built on and around the ancient site of Thebes. Tourists have been visiting the area since the Greco-Roman times, so […]

General Information a bout the city : Few cities of the world have a history as rich as that of Alexandria; few cities have witnessed so many historic events and legends. Founded by Alexander the Great(Iskander al-Akbar) in 331 BC, Alexandria became the capital of Greco-Roman Egypt; its status as a beacon of culture is symbolized […]

Build your idea about Sharm El Sheikh : Are you Looking for a great beach destination? The Red Sea’s warm water is great for swimming, and there are miles of great beaches in Sharm El Sheikh for working on your tan, but if you’re a diver, look no further. We’re talking enormous schools of fish […]

Welcome to Cairo the city of beauty : If you want to explore Egypt so you have to visit Cairo ,Cairo is the administrative Capital of Egypt. It is located on the northeast of the country and its surrounded by Nile River. Cairo is an ancient city, well known for its importance in Pharaonic history, […]

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