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The Temple of Esna Esna is situated 60 km of Luxor on the west bank of the Nile. Esna was one of the cities of the third Nome of Upper Egypt which was called Nhn and its capital was El-Kab. The oldest name of Esna was Iwynt, and then it was called tꜣ-sny or sny. […]

The Great Sphinx Sphinx is a Greek word given to a Greek mythological creature, which takes the form of the body of a lion, the head of a man and the wings of a bird. It means (The Strangler). According to the Greek mythology, the sphinx was closely connected to a Greek myth called the […]

The Northern (Red) Pyramid of Senefru: – A short distance to the north of the Bent Pyramid stands Senefru’s second pyramid at Dahshur, which wasn’t built until the 30th year of his reign. – This pyramid is called the Northern Stone Pyramid or the Red Pyramid, from the reddish color of the local stone in […]

The Northern (Bent) Pyramid Of Senefru Short Note about Dahshur: – It is located 20km south of Cairo. – It represented the 2nd major pyramid field after Saqqara. – The largest of these pyramids are those belonging to Senefru (Bent & Red) – There are three smaller pyramids of the Middle Kingdom belong to (Amenmhat […]

The Great Pyramid of Khufu His name means “he protects me” He is also known in history by the Greek name Cheops. He was the successor of his father King Senefru and his mother was queen Hetepheres. He married queen Henutsen (the mother of King Khaefre) He was the 2nd king during the 4th dynasty, […]

king Menkaure: He was the 5th king during the 4th dynasty. His name means “The established one of the ka (soul) of Ra” He was the successor of his father King Khaefre and son of queen Khamaerernebty I. He married his sister queen Khamaerernebty II and his half-sister queen Rekhetre. Menkaure had 3 sons and 2 […]

  Even with all of the pictures that you will see of the pyramid of Khaefre  nothing can really prepare you for the time that you finally see the pyramid with your eyes. His name means “appearing like Re” He is also known in history by the Greek name Chephren. He was the successor of […]


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