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The Valley of the Golden Mummies is a huge burial site at Bahariya Oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt, dating to the Greco-Roman period. It was discovered by Mr. Zahi Hawas in 1996, it is located 6 kilometers to the Southwest of Bawiti, the largest city of the Bahareya Oasis. He discovered more than […]

It is a depression and oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt. It is approximately 370 km away from Cairo. The name Bahareya was likely derived from the word Bahr, which means the sea in Arabic. The word more specifically referred to the Mediterranean Sea. The oasis also contains a number of springs and mountains […]

It is beautifully maintained and feature Al-Montazah is the Arabic translation for park. This area was belonged to Mohamed Ali family. This area contains two palaces, The Montazah Palace and Royal Gardens. These two royal palaces built during the 19th and 20th centuries. They are located to the east of central Alexandria and it was […]

Qarun Lake is located on the northwestern part in Fayoum, is one of Egypt’s most treasured natural landmarks. During the reigns of Sesostris III and his son Amenemhat III (12th Dynasty), the area that’s now known as Al Fayoum was entirely covered by Lake Qarun. Both pharaohs dug a series of canals linking Qarun to […]

Hawara Pyramid was made for Amenemhet III of the 12th Dynasty in ancient Egypt and is located about 9 kilometers east of the oasis of Fayoum. Amenemhet III was the 6th Pharaoh of the 12th dynasty of the Middle Kingdom. He was the son of King Sesostris III and he ruled for 45 years. He […]

Karanis (Kom Oushim) is situated 30 km north of the city of El-Fayoum in Egypt. It is an important Greaco-Roman site; it is founded during the reign of Ptolemy II. It contains two Temples in the north and another in the south, both dating back to the Ptolemaic Period. It also contains lake which is […]

Saint Catherine’s Monastery lies on the Sinai Peninsula, at the foot of Mount Sinai (where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God). In the early 4th century, St. Helena, mother of Constantine the Great, built the Chapel of the Burning Bush at the site where Moses is supposed to have seen the miracle. The fortified […]

The Synagogue of Ben Ezra was originally a church. However, it needed to be sold to pay the annual taxes imposed on the church by the government in 882 A.D. Ben Ezra Synagogue was originally a Christian church that the Copts had to sell, to the Jews, in order to pay the annual taxes imposed […]

The Church of St. George is a Greek Orthodox Church within the Babylon Fortress. It was erected upon the northern tower of the Fortress of Babylon and echoes its round shape. The church dates back to the 10th century but a fire destroyed the present church dates only from 1904. The Church of St. George […]

St George was a Roman soldier born in Cappadocia an area which is now in Turkey in around 280AD and died around 303. Very little is known about his early life but it is believed he was born to a wealthy Christian noble family. When he grew up he became a soldier and joined the […]


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