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The Temple of Amada is the oldest surviving monument on Lake Nasser and also one of the most delightful. It is situated in one of the most dramatically beautiful parts of Nubia. Although the exterior of the temple is very plain, the interior contains game of the finest relief carving to be seen in any […]

The unfinished obelisk of Aswan is known to be the largest obelisk in Egypt. It was constructed by Hatshepsut (18th Dynasty). The Obelisk is 4 sided, tapered monument, it was known as tḫnw. It is made out of granite quarry in Aswan. If it was completed, it would have been the heaviest obelisk ever cut […]

After years of attempts and hard work, the great Egyptologist, Auguste Mariette, was paramount in the opening of the Egyptian Museum, located in the famous Tahrir Square, when it opened to public on the November 15th, 1902. Situated in front of the main entrance of the Museum Of Egyptian Antiquities, is a small artificial lake surrounded by […]

Historical Introduction: It was built by Saladin in 571 AH/1183 AD under the supervision of his own vizier Baha‘ al-Din Qaraqush. Saladin whose real name was Salah aI-Din Yusuf was a Kurdish officer and a great Muslim leader. He was born into a prominent Kurdish family. Saladin spent his youth in Damascus; where his main […]

The small town of Kom Ombo is situated on the East side of the Nile, 45 kilometers to the north of the city of Aswan and about 800 kilometers to the south of Cairo, the capital of Egypt. The word “Kom” in Arabic means the small hill and the word “Ombo”, in the Hieroglyphic ancient […]

Philae in Greek or Pilak in ancient Egyptian, meaning “The end”, defined the southernmost limit of Egypt. Philae was originally located near the expansive First Cataract of the Nile in Upper Egypt and was the site of an Egyptian temple complex. The Ancient Egyptians built a beautiful and magnificent Temple on this island for the […]

The Pyramid of Meidum was formerly thought to be built by Huni, but is now believed to be constructed by Senefru. Senefru’s Pyramid at Meidum: It was the first pyramid to have a square ground plan and was intended to be the first that was geometrically ”true”. To achieve the true pyramid shape, loose stones […]

King Djoser: He was the 2nd king of the 3rd dynasty and the owner of the unique Step Pyramid Complex at Saqqara. Imhotep (who comes in peace) He was the chief Architect of King Djeser and Perhaps the first vizier in Dynastic Egypt. He was also an Astronomer and a physician. The Greeks identified him […]

Saqqara is the site of the principal necropolis of the ancient city of Memphis. It lies some 17 km from Giza. The name of the site is derived from the name of an Arab tribe once resident in the area. This Arab tribe was probably named after the ancient Egyptian deity Sokar who was worshipped […]

It’s known as “t3 st nfrw” which means “the land of beauty”. It lies to the western side of the Nile. It consists of 2 branches, which take V or Y shape which looks like he horns of Hathor, so the cave represented the womb of Hathor and the water symbolizes fertility, so the burial […]


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