It was constructed by Ismail Pasha. Its name attributed to Abdeen Bay who owned a small palace which once occupied the site of Abdeen Palace, Ismail bought his palace from his widow and demolish it and established his palace.
It was the beginning of modern Cairo because during that time Ismail Pasha ordered the layout of Cairo in the European style.
It was designed by Leon Roussean. It’s combined between the Haramlek and the Salamlek in one building.
The Paris Gate, its famous entrance gate in the palace and it’s named after the Persian Empress Eugene.
Abbas Helmi II enlarged the main gate to the Haramlek wing and the Paris gate, added to kiosks and established al-Fath Mosque.
Fuad I enlarged the Salamlek wing, refurbished the theatre and the grand dining room. He also added the throne room and a new quarter to the Haramlek wing consists of 2 suites one for the king and another for the queen.
Inside the palace, there’re many suites such as the Belgian suite, queen Nazli suit, the King suit, the Queen suit… etc.
The palace contained many museums such as the museum of weapons, military museum of all arms presented as gifts to President Mubarak on different occasions, a museum of ancient weapons and a third of the medals and museum of silverware.