Al Farafra Oasis is a small oasis located in Egypt’s western desert inside the borders of the governorate of Al-Wadi Al-Gadid and about 627 km away from Cairo.
Some historians believe that the Farafra was the connection point between the Libyan Desert and the Egyptian desert. Farafra was one of the most important transit points for the caravans.
Farafra was called “Ana Akhet”, or the land of the cow as a symbol of fertility in reference to the ancient goddess Hathor.
The Romans left some monuments in the Farafra like the Qasr Al Farafra, or the Farafra Palace and some other rock-cut tombs. There are also the ruins of a Roman Temple. Also contains The White Desert and The Black Desert.
The Farafra Oasis enjoys having a number of natural water wells. There are more than 100 wells spread all over the lands of the Farafra such as:
Bir Sitta, (well number 6 in Arabic)
Bir Sab’a (well number 7)
Bir Athnain wa ishrin (well number 22)
There is also a huge lake and a well with the name of Abu Nus located 15 kilometers to the north of the Farafra Oasis.