Al Sayeda Zainab Mosque in Cairo stands in the heart of the square named after Al Sayeda Zainab the granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad, May Prayers and Peace be upon him. Al Sayeda Zainab is Also the daughter of Al Sayeda Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter and his cousin Ali Ibn Abi Taleb and the sister of the two Imams Al Hassan and Al Hussein.
Her mosque was set up shortly after her arrival to Egypt in 61 A.H (AD 680 – 681). She settled down at Al Fustat city where she became the guest of Maslama Ibn Mukhalid.
After less than a year of her arrival to Egypt she passed away on in 62 A.H. Her mausoleum was built close to the northern flank of Maslama residence, overlooking the River Nile near Al Sayeda Zainab square. In the course of time Maslama’s residence and the adjacent buildings crumbled away, with the exception of the mausoleum, which remained intact due to continuous repairs by princes, higher-ranking officials and religious leaders.
The main facade of the present Mosque looks over Al Sayeda square with three gateways leading directly to the mosque. The mosque at the time consisted of seven corridors parallel to the wall of the qibla with a square dish covered with a dome. On the opposite side of the qibla wall is the mausoleum of Sayeda Zainab, surrounded by a brass fence and topped by a tall dome. In the western facade there is a special gate for women leading to the Mausoleum. The minaret stands high to the left of this section. The inside ceiling covering the whole area of the mosque is erected on columns made of white marble. As for the mausoleum it lies to the west of the mosque surrounded by a compartment glided with yellow golden copper and topped with a dome.