It is a depression and oasis in the Western Desert of Egypt. It is approximately 370 km away from Cairo.
The name Bahareya was likely derived from the word Bahr, which means the sea in Arabic. The word more specifically referred to the Mediterranean Sea.
The oasis also contains a number of springs and mountains like Gebel Ghurabi, Gebel Maghrafa, Gebel Dist also known as Gebel El Englizi, or the English Mountain.
The importance of the Bahareya Oasis increased during the Greco-Roman period. This was because it became a major producer of many goods such as wine, olive oils, dates, and cereals.
The oasis consists of four main towns: Bawiti, Al Qaser, Mandisha and Zabw.
The traditional music is very important to the people of the Oasis. Flutes, drums, and the simsimeyya (a harp-like instrument) are played at social gatherings.
There is the ruin of a temple to Alexander the Great located in Qasr el-Miqisba. Also it’s contains the Greco-Roman necropolis and the Valley of the Golden Mummies.
There are 34 tombs have been excavated from this area.