When in Alexandria, you have to visit the new library building: it is the largest reading space in the world, including over 2000 chairs for potential readers.
The futuristic disc-like structure was opened in 2002.The whole building is covered in scripts and letters from almost all the languages of the world to reflect the multi-cultural heritage and spirit of the library. The library will eventually house more than 8 million books.

A traditional visit of the Library starts in the main hall where you’ll be offered the assistance of multi-lingual guides (Arabic, English, French, Italian, and Spanish).

The library houses 4 permanent museums dedicated to Antiquities, Manuscripts, the former Egyptian President Sadat, and History of Science. A remarkable feature of the library is CULTURAMA, an interactive display of Egypt’s cultural heritage: 9 huge computer screens are arranged in a semi-circular shape thus creating a display resembling the traditional war or history panoramas. Thanks to the interactivity of the screens, the presenter can explore 5000 year long timeline; when specific items and milestones are clicked on by the presenter, the exhibition displays a further level of data.