dahab hotelsdahab hotelsDahab city :

Dahab you can called it by the city of dreams  because it  is most beautiful and   attractive touristic city in South  of Sinai.

  • General information :

In the past, Dahab was only a small fishing town until the Egyptian government gave it more importance in the late nineties and built a number of resorts and hotels in this beautiful resort of Dahab. The government added a lot of services and facilities in different sections of the city to increase the number of the tourists who visit Dahab every year.

Dahab which consists of more than 1130 square kilometers, is located on the Aqaba bay in the Sothern Eastern of Sinai 81 kilometers North of Sharm El Sheikh, 135 kilometers away from the Israeli city of Elat , and 465 kilometers away from the Ahmed Hamdy Tunnel. Dahab has two major bays: Al Qora and Ghazala.

Dahab is famous for its golden sand beaches, from which it took its name. This is besides its fascinating diving spots, as diving is the most popular activity to do in Dahab. The city is famous for being the cheapest diving resort in Sinai in comparison to other resorts like Sharm El Sheikh and Ras Suder.

Dahab consists of (from the North to the South) : Ras Abu Galuom, which is a protected area and an amazing spot for diving, the Blue Hole which is the most famous diving location in Dahab and in all Sinai, then there is the Asla area which hosts more than 75% of the city’s population in three small towns: Mubarak, Al Zarnook, and Al Asla, which is the most famous section of Dahab with a lot small camps, beaches, and bedwin houses and cafe

  • Dahab beaches :

Blue Hole 
It is The most popular and astonishing beach in Dahab . This place is consisted of a huge hole inside the sea. This hole was the result of a failing star that smashed into the earth in ancient times and caused this huge blue hole that is 100 meters deep with a radius of 50 meters.

Professional divers come to the blue hole from all countries of the world because of the challenging adventure and the dissimilar sea life the place offers.

warning :  the diving in this area needs quite a huge diving experience.

dahab hotels

The light house
The Lighthouse diving area took its name from the fact that it is located near Dahab’s lighthouse. The dive site in that area is quite rich as there are reef round, with pinnacles and reefs providing a good variety of life, we found a large octopus, morays, red sea walkman, crocodile fish and the usual assortment of fishies. The depth here ranges from 35 to 50 meters

There is also the Ras Abu Galoum Protected Area with its unique sea life and a different bird watching experience.

  • The weather :

the Weather in summer is very hot at days and quite hot at nights. In winter it is warm at days and cool at nights.