Derr Temple was built during the time of king Ramses II and dedicated to the Ptah, Amon and defied Ramses II. It was constructed in honor of the 30th anniversary of the reign of Rameses II.
It is situated in Nubia, on the East bank of the Nile.
The Temple of Derr was dismantled in 1964 in order to save it from the waters of Lake Nasser. It was moved to a new location close to that of the temple of Amada.
The temple lost its decoration because it was as a church in the Coptic Period. Nothing has remained of the temple except that was cut into a cliff.
The Interior Design:
The Pronaos:
It consists of three rows of square pillars, four in each row.
The 1st Pillared hall has three rows of four pillars.
The 2nd Pillared hall contains six tapered pillars mounted on projecting bases and surmounted by transverse architrave.

The ceiling is was covered with stucco and then painted with a series of vultures. Along the upper part of the walls runs a frieze of cobras alternating with the royal cartouche of Ramesses II.

The second pillared hall gives way to three sanctuaries. The centermost of these sanctuaries, which was intended to contain the sacred bark.