Gebel El-Mawta in Arabic means Mountain of the Dead; it is a cone shaped mount a little to the North of Shali Fortress, dotted with tombs from the 26th dynasty and the Ptolemaic period. Many of these tombs are still very well preserved. Moreover, from Gebel El-Mawta, you can catch amazing views of Siwa Oasis.
The most important tomb to see is that of Si Amun, which is sometimes referred to as the most beautiful tomb in theWestern Desert. It belonged to a wealthy Greek who was a follower of the Ancient Egyptian religion. The tomb is well preserved and the reliefs on the wall are stunning, make sure to notice the scene depicting Goddess Nut standing by a sycamore. Another tomb with interesting reliefs is the Tomb of the Crocodile so called due to the image of a yellow crocodile symbolizing the God Sobek, it is a three room cave-like structure; the owner of this tomb has not been identified to this day. While visiting Gebel El-Mawta another tomb that should not be missed is that of Niperpathot, the reliefs in this tomb are breathtaking, painted out of the red pigment used in Siwan pottery to this day. It is a large tomb where the sarcophagus lies in the ground of the burial chamber.