Karanis (Kom Oushim) is situated 30 km north of the city of El-Fayoum in Egypt.
It is an important Greaco-Roman site; it is founded during the reign of Ptolemy II. It contains two Temples in the north and another in the south, both dating back to the Ptolemaic Period. It also contains lake which is Qaroon Lake. It’s the oldest natural lake in the world and the 3rd largest lake in Egypt. It contains Hawara Pyramid; it was made for King Amenmhat III of the 12th dynasty.
A dwelling area was discovered in Karanis, the houses built out of mud-bricks.
This site includes a huge number of jars, glass, ostraca and coins as well as a large number of papyruses, written in Greek which provides us with details about the aspects of life during that period. Remains of public baths built of burnt brick were also discovered.