Kharga Museum is Located in El Kharga Oasis, the capital of the New Valley Governorate.
It was designed to resemble the architecture of the nearby Necropolis of Al Bagawat.
The museum houses artefacts ranging from the Egyptian Prehistoric Period right through to the Islamic Era.
Among the most important items from Greek and Roman eras is a collection of masks, wooden sarcophagi, statues of gods and goddesses, as well as a rare collection of mummified birds and animals.
It consists of two storeys; the 1st storey contains items from Prehistoric Period to Greek and Roman eras. The 2nd storey contains objects from the Coptic, Islamic and Ottoman eras, with some fascinating jewelry, books, coins and textiles.
There’s also a smattering of objects from Pharaonic, Greek and Roman antiquities. One fascinating was find is a collection of wooden Roman panels (early versions of post-it notes) detailing farmer’s accounts, marriages and contracts of the time.
The Museum also contains many monuments from the Coptic and Islamic ages such as architectural elements, and crosses made of metal and a collection of Coptic writing a collection of porcelain Islamic weapons, pots, decorative elements, and Quranic verses.

Ground floor displays

Ostraca and Scribal instruments

Tomb stele and obelisks of Ima-Pepi