Marsa Alam is a port and resort located on the Red Sea in the southeast of Egypt. It is 700 km away from Cairo.
It is currently seeing fast increasing popularity as a tourist destination to spend their vacation.
Marsa Alam is located near the Nile Valley and near Luxor in particular which makes it possible for tourists who visit Luxor to come to Marsa Alam.
Marsa Alam has the warmest night temperatures of all other Egyptian cities and resorts. In the beginning of the winter you can swim in the sea while other people in other cities suffer from the cold weather.
Marsa Alam mainly consists of two villages:
Bernice: a small city, which is famous for therapeutic tourism.
The village of Abu El Hassan Al Shazly: it has a famous Islamic center.
The beach is the best place to go in the morning. Most tourists prefer to spend the early morning at the beach. The beach has crystal clear water, shining sun, and wonderful white sand.
The shore contains amazing coral reefs and the most remarkable diving and snorkeling spots in Egypt.
Among the most famous beaches around Marsa Alam is the Abu Dabab beach. In Abu Dabab, turtles are a common sight. For tourists who seek to see something less typical, there is marine wildlife like crocodile fish and octopuses.
Other morning activities in Marsa Alam include playing all sorts of sports. Most of the resorts in Marsa Alam have tennis, football, volleyball, and table tennis.
The most common activity in Marsa Alam is diving. There are many diving centers in Marsa Alam that offer modern equipment.
There are numerous activities to be done at night in Marsa Alam. One can go shopping for starters, and stores mainly sell gifts and souvenirs like perfumes, pharaonic replicates, small statues, silver and gold jewelry, wooden handicrafts, and some Bedouin outfits and crafts.
The best product to buy in Marsa Alam is herbs. There are some herbs which are only cultivated in Marsa Alam and the area around it and you cannot find them anywhere else in Egypt. These herbs are beneficial for health and help in curing many chorionic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.
You can go in a tour to the desert in the Arabian style riding a camel, watching the bizarre rock formation in the desert, and then laying down and have tea and dinner in the Bedouin tent that will be waiting for you there. Taste the delicious Bedouin cooked dishes. You can use a beach buggy or motor bicycle instead of the camel.
This place is really paradise on earth. Come to enjoy it.