Straight off the beach at the Hilton Hotel in Nuweiba, you’ll find the famous Abu Lou Lou reef, also referred to as the Hilton House Reef. It is known for the incredible richness of marine life, including stonefish, turtles, and lionfish, a fact that led some divers to nickname it the “lionfish city.” The amazement you’ll experience at Abu Lou Lou is indescribable, since the amount of underwater species you’ll spot down there exceeds by far what you might have already seen whilediving in more popular Red Sea reefs, which tend to be a lot busier. Some divers had had the chance to encounter a friendly dolphin who pays a visit from time to time.
Abu Lou Lou is also a great night dive, and a particularly enjoyable snorkelling location.

You don’t have to be a Hilton guest to be able to dive this reef, contact your hotel’s dive operator or any Nuweibaoperator to organize a dive at Abu Lou Lou.