Om Kalthoum Museum is situated close to Nileometer in Giza governorate, it derived its name from the most famous Egyptian singer in themiddle east, who was called Om Kalthoum, she was known for her pure, strong and amazing voice, therefore She was known in Arabic as Kawkab Al-Shark or Star of the East for she was a most powerful symbol in the Middle East. She was also called El-Sett for she was seen as The Lady.Not only was she considered a legend in the Arab countries, but her voice also reached many parts of the world at a time when Arabic music seemed like a mystery to much of the Western world.
She was born into a poor family in a small village, east of the Nile Delta in 1904. Umm Kalthoum was the youngest of three children and lived the normal simple life of the country.
Umm Kalthoum was taught religious chants from her father. With time, he became impressed with her keen memorization and the astonishing strength of her voice.
He then began taking her along with her elder brother to events where they would chant to help the family earn money. Her father dressed her in boy’s clothing, because it wasn’t in the Egyptian peasant tradition to have his women or girls sing and appear in front of strangers.
In 1923, her family moved to Cairo with high hopes for their young daughter to become a professional singer in the city.
Soon she became a woman of great wealth and power. During her later years, she was the confidant of presidents and kings and, above all, President Gamal Abd al-Nasser’s unofficial ambassador in the region.
When she died in 1975, four million mourners walked the streets of Cairo to honor their beloved singer.
she was considered to have the most charming and beautiful voice in the world during the twentieth century, therefore they built a small and fabulous museum for her in December 2001, to shed light on her wonderful songs and life, you’ll also find several performance clothes that were belonging to her, especially her scarf and trademark dark glasses, which were very famous because she used to wear them in every performance, moreover there are some original handwritten lyrics and you’ll watch a documentary movie about her concerts and funeral.
The Umm Kalthoum museum is one of the most beautiful and romantic spots in Cairo. It is part of the Manesterly Palace and near the Nileometer on Roda Island.
Among her items, you will see her famous crescent-shaped diamond broach, which she wore at her monthly concerts.
Despite being dead for almost 40 years Umm Kalthoum remains the definitive voice of Egypt.