While heading to Sinai from Suez and after exiting the Ahmed Helmi tunnel, drive a few kilometers south to reach Oyun Musa, a small oasis that is named after the underground water springs that flow under its sands. Nowadays, seven of the original twelve still exist.

Meaning Moses Springs, Oyun Musa is home to the bitter water sources at which Moses is believed to have stopped while leading the Israelites in their escape of the Pharaoh’s wrath. According to the Bible, after three days of travelling in the desert without water, Moses and his community found a spring but its water was too bitter to drink. After supplicating God for a solution, Moses was told to throw a piece of wood into the water to make it drinkable.
The water from the sources in Oyun Musa is believed by locals to have various healing properties. When driving or walking through the Bedouin settlement to get to the source, Bedouin children will tell you everything they know and/or believe about their springs.