General information :

This city is the most simple city you will see but also it is very strong city ,people there love their city to much and very kindly people you will see also,

Port said Founded at the start of the canal excavations,Nowadays, this bustling city of 540,000 people earns its living as an important harbour; both for exports of Egyptian products like cotton and rice, but also as a fuelling station for ships that pass through the Suez Canal. A faintly raffish atmosphere lingers around its old streets, its timber-porched houses giving something of the feel of New Orleans’s Free

Tourism places and monuments of  port said :

Port Said is a main summer resort and  tourist attraction , due to its public and private beaches, cosmopolitan heritage, Museums and duty free port, beside the other landmarks like the   Light house of port said,port said martyrs Memorial that has the shape of the Pharaonic  ancient obelisks and the building of the  Suez canal Authority  headquarter in Port Said, also  Tennis island situated in lake Manzaleh is a destination that attracts tourists to enjoy visiting this ancient Islamic city which was demolished during the crusades.

The weather :

The weather in port said is moderate all the year ,January and February are the coolest months while the hottest are July and August.