It was built by Ramses II and he called his temple “the temple of millions of years of user maat Re, united with Thebes in the estate of Amon, western of Thebes”. Also it’s known as the Tomb of Ozymendias, but its modern name is Ramesseum.
Its located north of the temple of Amenhotep III.
It was constructed by Pn-Re and Imn m ont. The work continued from the beginning of his reign till the 22nd reginal year.
The entrance was from the east but now the entrance from the north.
The Interior Design:

1. The First Pylon:
It’s made out of sandstone. It’s badly damaged but the traces of the scenes on its inner face can still be seen.
The scenes show military campaigns against the Hittites during the 5th reginal year.
2. The First Court:
It lies between the 1st Pylon and the 2nd Pylon.
On the Left side, there is a double row of columns and behind them, there is a doorway leads to the palace of the king.
There is a huge colossal statue of R.II made out of granite.
3. The Second Pylon:
It was built higher than the 1st Court, so it should be reached through a flight step. The western face is carved with scenes of a campaign in Asia.
4. The Second Court:
It’s surrounded by 2 rows of Osirid pillars on the eastern and western sides and columns on the northern and southern sides.
On the western side there are 3 staircases lead to the Portico which has Osirid pillars and columns. The central staircase was flanked by 2 statues of R.II.
5. The Hypostyle Hall:
There are 3 staircases leading to the great Hypostyle Hall, which has 48 sandstone columns. The central 2 rows are taller than the others.
6. The Astronomical Hall:
It lies on the west of the Hypostyle Hall. There are 8 columns supporting the ceiling which as decorated with 36 groups of stars.
7. The Litanies Hall:
It lies behind the Astronomical Hall, this hall where the king making offering to Ptah and Rehorakhty.
– To the north, there is a small Chapel built by Seti I, it was used as a Mammisi or Birth Room to honor Tuya and Nefertari.