Maybe its unique location in the meeting point of two different gulfs, the Suez Gulf and the Aqaba Gulf is part of what makes Ras Mohammed so special. Ras Mohamed is the only place in Sinai that overlooks the two gulfs and is located in the south of Sinai, 12 kilometers away from Sharm El Sheikh.
This first and only Egyptian National Park was declared in 1983 with an area of 97m². Since then it has been extended to 480km².
It comprises the two islands, Tiran and Sanafir.
Ras Mohammed is literary translated into Mohammed’s Head. In which Mohammed refers to the prophet (PBUH) and head refers to land.
It was inaugurated in 1983 by the Egyptian environment affairs agency, as a marine reservation to protect this unique complex that houses thousands of aquatic species and a diversity of wildlife, including gazelles and desert foxes.
Ras Mohamed is the point where two different water masses are coming together: the salty water from the Gulf of Suez and the less salty water from the much deeper Gulf of Aqaba. As a result of these two water-come-together there are now more than 1.000 species of tropical fish and more than 170 species of corals as well as a huge number of sponges and gorgonians.
The park is surrounded by magnificent coral reefs that are famous in the whole world for its unique beauty. These corals are part of an elevated promontory that emerged after a change in the coastline some 70.000 years ago.
Because of its exceptional beauty and its enormous scientific significance, the Egyptian Government has declared this area as a protected area in 1983. It should especially protect this area from any possible harm that could arise from the quickly growing tourism.
Its name means the head of Mohamed because of its shape that looks like the top of a triangle with the mountains of south Sinai forming the other side of the triangle.
As soon as you enter Ras Mohamed, you will find attractive sand dunes all around you, making you want to go deeper into this paradise. Soon enough, you will come to the first stop of your trip on the Suez shore at a beach that overlooks the Suez Gulf.
The Suez beach is full of beautiful seagulls and it is the resting point of many rare species like sea turtles and a lot of other creatures that encourage you to go for a dive to explore this area by yourself. You can meet dolphins, water turtles. There are also a lot of crustaceans and sponge animals. There are also over 200 kinds of coral reefs.
Coral reef ecosystems found in the National Park are recognized internationally as among the world’s best. This recognition is based primarily on the diversity of flora and fauna, clear warm water devoid of pollutants, their proximity to shorelines and their spectacular vertical profile.
Ras Mohammed is important as a bottleneck for migratory soaring birds. The islands of Tiran and Sanafir hold important breeding populations of the threatened and endemic White-eyed Gull Larus leucophthalamus and Osprey Pandion haliaetus.
The magical lake is totally out of this world as it contains all the shades and levels of blue. Some Ras Mohamed fans believe that this lake changes its colors seven times every day. This lake has an old story that says that Bedouins used to come and swim in its water and throw gems and makes wishes, accounting for its coloe.
There are a lot of sea caves in this spot and many sea creatures of different colors, shapes, and sizes. However, most of these creatures are friendly and you can swim beside them safely.
Your last stop at Ras Mohamed is likely to be the telescope that is located at the top of a huge rock that enables you to glance at the two gulfs and see the whole area from above.