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Tomb of Khnumhotepll (BH 3) This tomb is located at the upper part of the cemetery, cut at the face of the cliff overlooking the Nile. lt dates back to the reign of Amenemhat II, the third king of the 12th Dynasty. This tomb is famous for its Asiatic scene which proves the existence of […]

Tomb of Kheti (BH17) Tomb number 17, belongs to Kheti who was the son of Bakhet Ill. Just like his father Kheti was the governor of the Oryx Nome. He also gained the title of the Great General of the Army. His tomb dates back to the 11th Dynasty. Interior Design: The tomb of Kheti […]

Tomb of Ameni ( BH2) Tomb number 2 is considered to be one of the finest tombs at Beni Hassan. The tomb is located at the upper cemetery and it is cut in the face, of the cliff. It dates back to the 12th Dynasty and thus it belongs to the 3rd category among the […]

El Menya is the present name of the district situated 240 km to the south of Cairo on the west bank of the Nile. The word El Menya is originally derived from the Ancient Egyptian word “mnˁt” or the Nurse of Khufu, as it was believed that King Khufu, of the fourth Dynasty, was brought […]


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