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The Museum of Islamic Art in Cairo is considered to be one of the largest and oldest museums in the world, with its exceptional collection of rare woodwork and plaster artefacts, as well as metal, ceramic, glass, crystal, and textile objects of all periods, from all over the Islamic world. The museum hosts many exhibits […]

Om Kalthoum Museum is situated close to Nileometer in Giza governorate, it derived its name from the most famous Egyptian singer in themiddle east, who was called Om Kalthoum, she was known for her pure, strong and amazing voice, therefore She was known in Arabic as Kawkab Al-Shark or Star of the East for she […]

Al Sayeda Zainab Mosque in Cairo stands in the heart of the square named after Al Sayeda Zainab the granddaughter of the Prophet Muhammad, May Prayers and Peace be upon him. Al Sayeda Zainab is Also the daughter of Al Sayeda Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter and his cousin Ali Ibn Abi Taleb and the sister […]

Al-Sayeda Nafeesah Mosque is a mosque in Al-Sayeda Nafeesah district in Cairo, Egypt. It is built to commemorate Sayeda Nafeesah, an acclaimed Islamic scholar and a member of household of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. The mosque has Sayeda Nafeesah’s mausoleum inside. The mosque is located on Ahl al-Bayt street, where numerous mausoleums commemorating well known […]

The Mosque of Imam el Hussein holds special significance for Shia Muslims, who believe that the decapitated head of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson, Imam Al-Hussein, is buried at Al-Hussein Mosque. The Al Hussein Mosque is famously known for it is housing the oldest complete manuscript of the Holy Qur’an. Al Hussein Mosque is located just […]

Khan El-Khalily, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Cairo, with a huge touristic attraction, a large number of tourists and Egyptian seek to visit it according to its majesty as its 600 years old. Its architecture is from the Mamluks era, it was called after the name of Mamluk prince Jaharkaz Al-Khalily. Sultan Qunsuwa Al-Ghouri […]

After years of attempts and hard work, the great Egyptologist, Auguste Mariette, was paramount in the opening of the Egyptian Museum, located in the famous Tahrir Square, when it opened to public on the November 15th, 1902. Situated in front of the main entrance of the Museum Of Egyptian Antiquities, is a small artificial lake surrounded by […]

Historical Introduction: It was built by Saladin in 571 AH/1183 AD under the supervision of his own vizier Baha‘ al-Din Qaraqush. Saladin whose real name was Salah aI-Din Yusuf was a Kurdish officer and a great Muslim leader. He was born into a prominent Kurdish family. Saladin spent his youth in Damascus; where his main […]

It was constructed by Ismail Pasha. Its name attributed to Abdeen Bay who owned a small palace which once occupied the site of Abdeen Palace, Ismail bought his palace from his widow and demolish it and established his palace. It was the beginning of modern Cairo because during that time Ismail Pasha ordered the layout […]

The museum consists of houses: 1. The larger house located to the east, it was built by al-Hag Muhammad Ibn el-Hag Salem el-Gazar. A wealthy Muslim woman from Crete was lived there so the house named after her name as Beit el-Kritiliya or the house of the Crete woman. 2. The second house located to […]


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