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The unfinished obelisk of Aswan is known to be the largest obelisk in Egypt. It was constructed by Hatshepsut (18th Dynasty). The Obelisk is 4 sided, tapered monument, it was known as tḫnw. It is made out of granite quarry in Aswan. If it was completed, it would have been the heaviest obelisk ever cut […]

Deir El-Bahry or the Northern Monastery, it’s located on the western bank of the Nile. It was dedicated to Goddess Hathor and Mrytsegher. It was built by queen Hatshepsut (18th Dynasty). Its name was ḏsr ḏsrw which means the Holy of the Holies. It was designed by Senenmut as a mortuary temple for Hatshepsut. It’s […]


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