The ruins of Nadura Temple, is located in the Kharga Oasis just north of the city of Kharga on the top of a hill. It was built after the Hibis Temple about 700 years, it was built under Roman rulers. Probably the temple was dedicated to god Amon. However, paintings on the remaining walls seem […]

Hibis Temple is the largest and best preserved ancient Egyptian temple in the Kharga Oasis probably because it was buried in sand until the excavators dug it out early during the twentieth century, as well as the only structure in Egypt dating to the 26th dynasty or Saite-Persian period. Hibis, from the Egyptian Hebet, meaning […]

Kharga Oasis, the capital of the governorate of the new valley, or Al Wadi Al Gadeed has been inhabited since prehistoric times and it is still the most populated oasis of Egypt today. Al Kharga Oasis, located in the Western Desert of Egypt, 550 km south of Cairo and to the west of the Nile […]