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The Synagogue of Ben Ezra was originally a church. However, it needed to be sold to pay the annual taxes imposed on the church by the government in 882 A.D. Ben Ezra Synagogue was originally a Christian church that the Copts had to sell, to the Jews, in order to pay the annual taxes imposed […]

The Church of St. George is a Greek Orthodox Church within the Babylon Fortress. It was erected upon the northern tower of the Fortress of Babylon and echoes its round shape. The church dates back to the 10th century but a fire destroyed the present church dates only from 1904. The Church of St. George […]

St George was a Roman soldier born in Cappadocia an area which is now in Turkey in around 280AD and died around 303. Very little is known about his early life but it is believed he was born to a wealthy Christian noble family. When he grew up he became a soldier and joined the […]

The church of St. Barbara is among the churches of Old Cairo of historic importance. It was originally dedicated to St. Cyrus and St. John who were worshipped for their healing powers. A small church at the northeastern corner of the building commemorates these two martyrs. The Church of St. Barbara is one of the […]

Abu Sarga Church is the oldest church in Egypt dating back to the 5th century A.D. The church owes its fame to having been constructed upon the crypt of the Holy Family where they stayed for three weeks during their sojourn in Egypt. It was burned during the fire of Fustat during the reign of Marwan […]

The Hanging Church is also referred to as the Suspended Church and it is known in Arabic as al-Muallaqah. It is called the Hanging Church because it was built on the southern gate of the Roman Fortress. The church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The famous miracle of moving the Moqattam Mountain is closely […]

It is located in Old Cairo near the Hanging Church of St. Mary. It was built on the remains of the Roman Fortress of Babylon surrounded by oldest churches. It was established by Murcus Semika Pasha in 1908. Only the Coptic Museum had an Egyptian founder and director. He called Pope Kiroles V to help […]


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