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The Tomb of Isadora This tomb is one of the funerary houses which are discovered at Tuna El Gabal. It is built of mud bricks. This tomb was built for Isadora who was a beautiful girl drowned at the Nile while crossing it to meet her lover. Her father felt sad after her death and […]

The Tomb of Petosiris Petosiris is the Greek name of the Ancient Egyptian name “p3 di wsir” which means “the gift of Osiris”. He was the high priest of god Thot. He built this tomb for his father Seshu or Shesu and his brother Djed Djhwty iw.f Ankh (Djhwty says: he is the life) and […]

Tuna el Gabal It is considered to be the necropolis of el Ashmounin. It was famous for its nine tomb chapels from the Roman period, the hypogeum or the underground galleries containing mummified sacred animals like ibis, baboons and falcons. These sacred animals were placed either in wooden coffins or in pottery jars. The Hypogeum […]


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