He was the famous theologian and the founder of the Shafi’I school of law. He was born in Gaza but stayed in Egypt. He died at age of 54.
In 572/1177, Saladin built a madrasa near the tomb of Imam al-Shafi’i. It was called al-madrasa al-Nasiriya. The madrasa was totally vanished except its foundation slab.
It was mentioned that queen Shams, mother of the Ayyubid Sultan al-Kamil, ordered to dedicate a dome to al-Shafi’i. So, it was built in608/1211.
The dome considered the biggest in Egypt. It has a square base.
The main entrance locates at north-east side. The door is plated with Silver. The vestibule has a polychrome pavement. The four walls are decorated with marble dadoes. The present entrance mostly is not original. It must have been on the axis of the prayer niche.
The domed chamber has four cenotaphs. They were sponsored by Salah al-Din. It has a geometric designs with bands of inscriptions in both Kufic and Naskhi script.