It is beautifully maintained and feature Al-Montazah is the Arabic translation for park. This area was belonged to Mohamed Ali family.
This area contains two palaces, The Montazah Palace and Royal Gardens. These two royal palaces built during the 19th and 20th centuries.
They are located to the east of central Alexandria and it was designed by Dmitri Fabersious, one of the most famous architects at the time.
The palace was constructed to serve the royal family summer residence.
In 1932, king Fouad built a larger palace and called it the Haramlek, along with the royal gardens which today are known as the Montazah Royal Gardens.

Later, his son, King Farouk built a Victorian-style bridge to act as a waterfront.
The building is easily distinguishable by its two towers, one of which is considerably taller than the other.
Montazah Palace Gardens are unique in that there are also a number of wading pools and swimming pools.
Haramlek Palace contains a lot of French antiquities and it was decorated richly in the Baroque and Rococo styles that consist of plants and geometric designs.
It was used by king Abbas II, Egypt last Khedive, in 1892 to build a large palace inside the complex called the Salamlek.
The first storey of the palace was used as Al-Haramlek and it has been transformed into an international Casino. The 2nd and 3rd storey transformed into a museum for belongings of the former royal family.
Today the Salamlek Palace has been turned into a luxury hotel. There is another hotel has been built in the garden overlooking one of the most beautiful bay surrounded by green areas.