It’s known as “t3 st nfrw” which means “the land of beauty”.
It lies to the western side of the Nile. It consists of 2 branches, which take V or Y shape which looks like he horns of Hathor, so the cave represented the womb of Hathor and the water symbolizes fertility, so the burial in the valley would symbolize the rebirth in the afterlife. It’s burial place for Queens, princesses, princes and high officials from the New Kingdom.
It’s a cave on the base of the cliff, so when the sky rains or during the floods, the water pours into that cave.
It contains 90 tombs. The tombs of 20th dynasty, comprises of corridors and side chambers leading to the burial chamber at the end of the tomb.
Queen St-Re wife of Ramses I was the first queen to be buried in the valley.
During the 3rd Intermediate period, the tombs were reused by clergy. During the Roman period, the tombs were reused for the burial of the mummified animals.
The most Preserved and beautiful tombs there is the tomb of Queen Nefertari (66 Q.V).