The white desert is the most popular and interesting area in the Western Desert, it is located totally within the Farafra area in the north to the Qasr el Farafra. The white desert became a protected area since 2002.
The winds have carved the formations into weird shapes that keep constantly changing over time. In this desert some rocks like monoliths, ice cream cones, tents and crickets, animals, mushrooms, and some rocks have totally strange shapes. Also, the ground here is scattered with thousands of oxidized iron.
Also in the White Desert area, you can find animals like The Slender-horned Gazelle, Gazelle Leptoceros.
There is a place in this desert known as the finger of god or “Al Qubar”, the Chisel, is a 20 meters high rock formation that can be seen from far away and the locals like to call it the finger of God as it looks like a huge finger rising from the sand.
This white desert was covered with a sea in ancient times, the sedimentary layers of rock formed by marine fauna when the ocean dried up. The white chalk that formed all these rocks was deposited from this sea. There are seashells in the halls of the rocks.
To the northeast of the white desert, there is an area called Aqabat, or “obstacles” in English. This area is full of obstructions that face anyone who wants to pass through. In the middle of this area, lies the mountain of Twin peaks.
In the west section of the white desert, there is the ancient site of Wadi Al Abyad or the white valley.