It’s a tomb number 66. It’s known as the golden burial chamber because its decoration painted in yellow and gold. It was discovered by Ernesto in 1904.
The condition of the tomb goes bad because the tomb is carved at the lower area of the cliff where the quality of the rock is is very bad.

There is a step flight staircase of 18 steps down to the entrance which is located to the south. There is a label with the name of Ernesto to commemorate his discovery.
The entrance leads to the antechamber. The ceiling of the entrance is decorated with blue sky and yellow stars.
Then to the east side, there is a vestibule that leads to side room. At the northern end of the antechamber, there is an inner ramp leads to the burial chamber which has a sarcophagus in its middle and 4 pillars. This camber surrounded by 3 side rooms for storage.