Tomb of Ameni ( BH2)
Tomb number 2 is considered to be one of the finest tombs at Beni Hassan. The tomb is located at the upper cemetery and it is cut in the face, of the cliff. It dates back to the 12th Dynasty and thus it belongs to the 3rd category among the tombs of Beni Hassan.
The owner of this tomb is called Amenemhat or Ameni.
He was the son of Khnumhotepl and Henu and was the husband of Hethpet and father of Khnumhotep.
He lived durihg the reign of King Senusert l.
His titles were:
The Governor of the Oryx Nome.
Chief in Command after Senusertl
The Interior Plan:

The Tomb is divided into:
A portico
Main Chapel
The Portico (PORCH)
It measures about 23 feet in height. Its roof is supported by two octagonal fluted columns. The portico was never finished. It leads to the main Chapel of the tomb through a rectangular door.
The Main Chapel:
It is rectangular in shape. It measures 38 feet in length and 21 feet in height.
It contains four 16 sided fluted columns painted red to imitate pink granite. These columns support the three aisled vaulted roof.
The roof is decorated by chess like patterns.
The walls of this chapel are decorated with colorful scenes. The rear wall of this hall gives accesses to a rectangular shrine.
The Shrine:
It lies in the center of the rear wall of the main chapel. It contains a seated statue of Ameni but it is badly damaged. His statue is about 2.5 times the normal size and is flanked by two other statues; one belongs to his mother Henu and the other belongs to his wife Hetepet.