The tomb of Huya, it’s a tomb number 1 at tell el Amarna
Huya is one of the high officials who lived during the reign of Akhenaton.
Among his important titles are:
The Overseer of the Royal hareem.
The Steward of Queen Tiye.
His tomb lies at the Northern most side of the el Amarna Cemetery. It was built during the 12th and 13th regnal years of Akhenaton. The importance of this tomb that it contains scenes telling us about important events that took place during the reign of king Akhenaton and that appeared in it for the first and last time.
The tomb plan:
The tomb consists of an entrance hall leading to the first hall of columns which in turn leads to the transverse hall via a short passage. The transverse hall contains a burial shaft. Then it leads to the shrine. Thus the plan takes the Cruciform shape.
The first hall of columns:
This hall is small in size. It used to contain two columns with floral capitals, one of which are missing nowadays. The columns divided the hall into three aisles.
The floor of the hall is now in a rough condition, however it was originally covered with red pilaster.
As for the ceiling it is decorated by colorful bands all around. As for the ceiling of the central passage it is decorated by hieroglyphic inscriptions.
The walls of this hall are decorated with colorful scenes, many of which still retain their original colors.
The Transverse Hall:
This hall is undecorated and it contains no columns. The Eastern side of the hall contains the burial shaft where Huya has been buried which is 33.6 Jeep. The back wall of the transverse hail leads to the shrine.
The shrine:
The shrine contains a seated statue of Huya placed against the back wall. The shrine walls are decorated with scenes.