Tomb of Kheti (BH17)
Tomb number 17, belongs to Kheti who was the son of Bakhet Ill.
Just like his father Kheti was the governor of the Oryx Nome. He also gained the title of the Great General of the Army. His tomb dates back to the 11th Dynasty.
Interior Design:

The tomb of Kheti falls into the 2nd category among the tombs of Beni Hassan.
Its fa├žade is cut into the side of the cliff. It leads to the tomb through a wide plain doorway.
The doorway leads to a large rectangular hall with a slightly vaulted roof.
The hall once contained six lotus bud columns, arranged in two rows. Only two of these are still intact.
The hall contains two burial shafts, both are situated in the Southern side.
The standard of drawing in this tomb is rather poor, but the scenes are in a good condition.
All the walls of the hall are decorated by daily life scenes as well as by funerary ones.
The topmost wall all around the chapel is decorated by a horizontal frieze of Khekeru.