It’s tomb number 62 K.V. it was discovered by Carter in 1922.
The tomb is still intact and the most of its objects made out of gold but the tomb was unfinished because the sudden death of the king at age of 18 years old.
The tomb consisted of a corridor and 4 rooms. It’s the smallest tomb in K.V.
The entrance from the east and leads to the corridor that ends with an antechamber. To the west of the antechamber, there is an annex. The annex was filled with food, baskets, oils, perfumes, fruits and jars.
Then the antechamber leads to the burial chamber and it was contained a huge beds, chairs, chariot and boxes. It contains 4 shrines one inside the other and the shrines contained a quartzite sarcophagus and inside it there is a mummy of the young king.
The burial chamber leads to the treasury room and it was fiiled with canopic shrine, boats and ushapties.