It’s a tomb number 34 K.V. its entrance from the north and gives access to descending stairs leading to the 1st corridor which followed by side rooms known as staircase room and it was divided by a staircase in the middle, which descended to the 2nd corridor.
This corridor ends with a well chamber, beyond the well; there is an antechamber which contains 2 undecorated pillars.
This antechamber contains a staircase to the northeastern side which leads to the burial chamber.
The burial chamber supported by 2 pillars and contained 4 store rooms and sarcophagus of the king.
The imy dwat “the Book of the Netherworld”, gives hour by hour describing the journey of the sun in the netherworld.
The importance of the well chamber:
1. To avoid the tomb robbers by misleading them as this chamber wasn’t finished and they would think that this tomb is unfinished.
2. To prevent the flood water from entering to the burial chamber.
3. It might be a symbolic place for god Osiris.